How to play and earn -


A quick guide to the main sections of the game, a description of the game-currency, build a castle, etc.


Silver - Currency for building castles. Silver can not be withdrawn from the game (100 silver = 1 RUB).
Gold - Currency for withdrawing money from the game (100 gold = 1 RUB).
For your convenience, our site will show you real monetary values ​​in your currency next to the game values.
ATTENTION! If you use USD or EUR, the exchange rate of the game currency may vary slightly, since the game currency is only linked to the ruble (RUB).
1 RUB = 100 silver, 1 RUB = 100 gold
1 USD = 6300 silver, 1 USD = 6300 gold
1 EUR = 7500 silver, 1 EUR = 7500 gold

How to play?

1 Buy castles in the "Purchase" page.
2 Build them in your kingdom in the "kingdom" page (below you will find detailed information).
3 Collect crystals and exchange them for Gold and Silver.
4 Withdraw the Gold on electronic wallets and for the Silver build new castles and develop your kingdom.
5 For registration you receive 5000 Silver (≈ 0,85 USD) to build the Elven Castle.


how to build a castles: Choose which castle you want to build on the left side of the page.

Then click on any highlighted place to build on it your castle. Immediately after that, the inhabitants of the castle will begin to mine crystals for you.

To collect the crystals that were mined by the inhabitants of your kingdom, click the COLLECT button on the right side of the page. After that, exchange your crystals for gold and silver - Click the exchange for currency button.


The game has a 3-level referral program: Invite your friends and earn on their deposits.
+ 10% of each deposit of your referral
+ 5% of the deposit of 2-level referrals
+ 5% of the deposit of 3-level referrals
Referral profit goes to the Gold account, this means you can immediately withdraw this money to your electronic wallet.

Before registering read the agreement.